Have your say on our proposals for schools


Have your say on our proposals for schools

Funding is available to introduce measures that support physical distancing on the main road at or near school entrances and at School Crossing Patrol locations. We are considering the following temporary interventions:

  • School Street – (Part Time Road Closure) All traffic is prohibited from driving on a certain street or part of a certain street at school start and finish times. Exemption permits would be available for residents. Blue badge holders would also be exempt from the restriction. School streets have been implemented in a number of locations in the UK, including in Edinburgh .
  • One Way system with Road Space Reallocation – Part of the street is dedicated to walking, cycling and wheeling (at all times). This means that the vehicular traffic would be restricted to travelling in one direction only (on the part of the street kept open). This vehicle lane would be deliberately quite narrow to ensure that speeds are kept low.
  • Parking Restrictions – to make it easier for pedestrians to pass each other on the footway, parking would be restricted. This may be at all times, or at school start and finish times only.
  • Physical Distancing Signage – signs and carriageway markings reminding people to maintain appropriate physical distancing would be provided at regular intervals near the school entrance and at School Crossing Patrol locations.
  • We plan a phased approach to implementing these measures.

    Phase 1

    In phase 1 we plan to trial temporary School Streets as soon as we can at 6 primary schools in South Ayrshire and residents in the roads affected by these proposals will be contacted shortly with more information. This initial trial will help us to learn more about the initiative and the impact that it has on the local community.

    The phase 1 primary schools to be considered for the implementation of School Streets are:

  • Monkton Primary
  • Kingcase Primary
  • Heathfield Primary
  • Forehill Primary
  • Alloway Primary
  • Doonfoot Primary
  • Also as part of phase 1, we will be considering temporary measures around the following secondary schools in South Ayrshire:

  • Prestwick Academy
  • Kyle Academy
  • Belmont Academy.
  • Phase 2

    In Phase 2 we would like to implement more school streets identified by you where these measures would be supported by parents, residents and the school. Implementing these measures requires further investigation and design work and so we invite your comments to help us decide which schools should be prioritised.

    Please help us by completing the survey below to say which of the schools you feel would be suitable for school streets and/or road space reallocation.

    Unfortunately there are some schools where we do not consider that we could safely provide a one way system or a full road closure, therefore we also welcome your feedback on providing temporary parking restrictions.

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